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This is how you do a good "different" album Axl


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Nostradamus is just about to get released...a 23 track 2 CD album (14 songs and 9 introductory pieces) in a matter of days. Axl could learn from Judas Priest how to make a successful album out of bounds of the band's usual repertoir. How did Judas Priest do it? For one they stuck together as a BAND, not Rob seizing the band name and using it for his own solo project, unlike Axl. Secondly, they picked a GOOD concept, and not a concept of self-indulgence, and self victim portrayal and twisting of truth. As well as that, they realise they have fans who deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, for all the effort they put to support the band. I will be lucky to attend the Judas Priest "Priest Feast" tour this year twice, in Toronto and Sydney, and these guys are a prime example of how a "different" album should be made, and how to treat their fans. Of the 11 track promo that exists, the songs are masterpieces.

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Rob Halford is still gay.

Yeah, and? He is clearly gay, and has said so.

Double album from Priest = win.

A rational answer from someone.

It's a really great album, from the band that defined heavy metal. I can't wait to buy into it in just a week. It's set to be amazing, I heard 11 tracks from it and it is a masterpiece. :xmasssanta:

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I think a lot of people here don't understand how great a band Judas Priest are. They are respected by media very much. It goes to show that giving respect to fans and keeping your head up and pushing forward with music constantly, pays off. And as someone said about an "Axl Master Plan"....we don't even know if there is one. On the other hand Judas Priest has one: release the double disc Nostradamus album, do a slightly shorter classics tour, showcase 2 or 3 new songs to fans, finish the tour, give fans enough time to get know the entire album's songs & lyrics back to front and then embark on a tour on which they will play the entire album live, with a theatrical setting, maybe a choir etc. For anyone who is a Judas Priest fan it is a dream come true.

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This topic is pretty dull, and Axl is insanely good with songwriting, but Judas Priest have so many masterpieces of metal, it's ridiculous:

Screaming for Vengeance

Stained Class

Defenders of the Faith

British Steel


In fact, their only stinkers were Turbo and the albums without Halford. The rest are very well done and I have a feeling that Nostradamus will be another great effort.

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Just became a fan of Judas Priest about 2 month,s ago

because they are set to play at this years Roskilde Festival I checked them out.

Too bad I did not find out what a great band Priest are years ago.

Painkiller/Screaming for Vengeance = rock3 rock1 rock4:wub:

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