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Ramones - Too tough to die (album)

pain cake

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I must be a fucking moron, I've had this album for probably 2 years and I've only started realising how fucking awesome it is tonight. I'm up late and full of sugar and while looking through my windows media player I stuck on Wart Hog (which I previously thought was just filler crap) But holy shit this is good stuff, Too Tough to Die, Danger Zone, Wart Hog, Endless Vacation; this is what the Ramones is about! It's even got their alternative stuff like Howling at the Moon (sha la la) and Daytime Dilemma. Tracks like "Chasing the Night" and "No Go" which are reminiscent of their classic "California Sun" (I know it's a cover) but they really stay true to the early stuff. Just shows the Ramones did not lose their way in the slightest. Man I've been neglecting this great album. Not to mention a cover of Street Fighting Man which IMO beats the crap out of the Stones' version.

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after arguing the merits of every single fucking ramones album with somebody at some time in my life and this album coming up more often than not as amongst the most derided of their discography, i cant tell you how it feels to hear someone for ONCE give this fucking album some credit...God Bless you Paincake :) if only there was a few more of you around i could die a happy man :lol:

Endless Vacation is absolute class ;)

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