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The Beatles Anthology


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OK, im like a total Beatles fanatic and i have the anthology on all the time, the dvd on, all the time. so anywayz, the first copy of it i bought was sort of a dubious looking thing offa ebay which was like...y'know, like blank discs recorded on and i think there was 10 or just under 10 DVDs to it, 8 of actual stuff and 2 discs of extras. anyway, yeah, the thing was advertised on ebay as having all this extra shit but i just took no notice y'know, just looked like a write up. anywayz yeah, due to a lack of proper care and repeated viewing on my part, the dvds got fucked so i ordered some more...but this time it was like, the proper from the shops like...proper boxed set thingie...from england. and its REALLY different...its different by TONS, theres loadsa shit on one that aint on the other and on the other but not on the first one...in england, the england version they dont have any of that footage of Helen Shapiro seranading the Beatles on some TV show and...just tonsa stuffs, its recorded different and....its just really really really REALLY different. now i think about it, my first version didnt have any of the title headings either...y'know like when they play the NME Poll Winners Party it says so on the bottom of the screen...well it didnt on my first version.

theres just loads n loads n loads n loadsa different shit from one to the other, anyone know what the fuck that shits about?

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