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New Motley Crue album streaming online.


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I will personally admit, I trashed Saints Of LA (the song) in the beginning... and the song has really grown on me.

I might check this out.

L.A.M.F. - this is a really cool intro. Has kind of an industrial thing to it, but sounds modern.

Face Down In The Dirt - instrumentally strong, but the lyrics are weak

What's It Gonna Take - not bad. Kinda there.

Down At The Whisky - good ballad-esque song. If you can get past the fact it sounds like a Bret Michaels/Poison song. No edge, straight up 80's throwback.

Saints of LA - understandably the first single. One of the strongest, if not THE strongest track on the album. Pretty good Feelgood-type rocker.

Mutherfucker Of The Year - great song. As catchy as Saints, but much more straight metal.

The Animal In Me - great ballad, imo. This might actually end up becoming a Crue standard. Very good.

Welcome To The Machine - actually thought this was a cover of Pink Floyd. It isn't. Original song, with a good vibe. Ironically, it kind of sounds like new-Guns N' Roses.

Just Another Psycho - wow, another very catchy rocker. Becoming shocked, so far the majority is very strong, and EASILY the best album since Feelgood.

Chicks = Trouble - one of my favorite tracks off of this new album. This has such a 'biker' vibe to it.

This Ain't A Love Song - Not bad, not great. I wonder in some ways if this was a re-tooling of Sick Love Song, idea-wise.

White Trash Circus - not crazy about this one. Sounds like late-album filler. This is a song you think is cool when your 16, now... it just seems lame.

Goin' Out Swingin' - wow, I love this song. This sounds like something that could've been on Too Fast or Shout.

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Guest Apollo

I wish people would stop saying this sounds like "old" crue . . . . It doesn't.

I'm a Motley fan, and from all the positive comments/buzz about this album, I was very excited to listen.

Dissapointed is my review.

Saints is very catchy. Great song. And yes, sounds like classic Motley.

I've listened three times to the rest and not one song is worth a shit.

If I Die Tomorrow or New Tattoo or Hollywood Ending are better than all the songs on this album (save Saints).

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The actual uncensored version leaked, and it sounds MUCH better than this stream. I didnt even bother with the stream, and im glad waited.

Anyway, im listening to it now, and it sounds like classic Crue. I'm only up to song four, but im liking what im listening to. The band sounds extremely tight, cheesy lyrics aside.

I still love the song "Saints Of Los Angeles", it just kicks ass and is catchy as fuck. Reminds me of how I felt when Primal Scream came out, I loved that song a lot as well.

This is definitely the best album they have put out since Dr. Feelgood (with the original lineup of course, because I LOVED the album they put out with Corabi)

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Yeah, I found the uncensored version early this morning. I went ahead and ordered the cd from Best Buy. They had free shipping, so with gas prices (it'd cost me about 10 bucks or so in gas if i went to the store to get it) that was the best route for me to take.

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its alright, its turned quite punky, and yeah i dont think that it sounds like old crue. I mean people say that but each album has a pretty different sound to it.

its a good solid album so far, nothing earth shattering but then again its everything I want from the Crue. so thats fine.

Chicks = Touble is a great fun song though!

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If I Die Tomorrow beats the shit outta this whole album. I couldn't listen to half the songs and I love crue... i just dont know what it is.. the lyrics are shit, maybe thats whats wrong... goddamn you Axl Rose for making me actually listen to lyrics now.

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It's modern Crue dabbling with their old sound, but ending up sounding dated.

Still like the album better than Generation Swine and New Tattoo

Those albums are god fucking awful.

Last album I liked, LIKED being the keyword, not loved, was The Corabi Album.

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