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New Motley Crue album streaming online.


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Last album I liked, LIKED being the keyword, not loved, was The Corabi Album.

Man, I can't believe some of you guys actually like that album!

Hey, I bought it, and I listen from time to time....BUT.....man it's

hard for me to enjoy any Motley without VINCE.....I admit, I also

ordered the mail in offer for "Quarternary" :lol:

As for the album formally called "Dirt", I will wait and get the CD

when it DROPS, .....the word is soon...."very soon" :D

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I was eagerly awaiting this album and was pretty disappointed.

Honestly, I think all the songs except the title track and MOtherfucker of the Year are horrendous and basically unlistenable. I barely got through the whole thing.

That guy Marti Fredrickson (or something like that) cowrote basically everything on here, as well as the producer and this wash-out from Beautiful Creatures DJ Ashba. It certainly wasn't the typical Sixx/Mars deal nor did the finished product sound like it. Marti Fredrickson ruined Aerosmith...well, actually Aerosmith ruined themselves by hiring a corny songwriter, and it seems like he didn't help the Crue too much either.

Anyway, the lyrics are actually some of the worst I've ever heard anywhere. I remember as a small kid playing pretend with my friend, being tough guys, and this kid liked to make theme songs about...basically everything, but he would make up stuff about how tough and bad-ass we were, and not having a clue, being like eight, it was ridiculous. The lyrics of this album sound like that kid wrote the whole thing.

Their songs were always about being bad-asses, getting chicks, getting messed up, having a great time, whatever...so thematically, they were already on the right page as far as being inspired by their book The Dirt...but someone in the Crue decided to actually write these ridiculous narratives that actually explicitly say stuff like..."We're getting chicks and so fucked up and fight someone but don't remember any of it tomorrow...down at the Whiskey." That was totally made up, but each song is lyrically parallel to that. "this aint a love song this is a fuck song?"

I wish you could return CDs where i got mine.

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It's modern Crue dabbling with their old sound, but ending up sounding dated.

Still like the album better than Generation Swine and New Tattoo

Those albums are god fucking awful.

Last album I liked, LIKED being the keyword, not loved, was The Corabi Album.

That's what I mean it's the best Crue effort with Vince since Feelgood.

The Corabi Album is definitely underrated.

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