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Weiland And STP Sued


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Not sure if it would go in this section or where ever if its in the wrong place plz move it thanks

Two members of the band have been sued by their record label.

First they get back together, then they get sued.

Two memebers of Stone Temple Pilots got slapped with a lawsuit from Atlantic Records, a division of Warner Music Group. The suit claims that Scott Weiland and Eric Kretz were trying to end their contracts early.

The band released a statement, "Stone Temple Pilots were deeply disappointed to see that Atlantic filed a surprise lawsuit against two members of the [group] when they were in the middle of what were believed to be cordial and positive discussions about [the band] returning to the studio to make a new album after 5 years."

The suit says the band needs to record a seventh album plus two more if the label wants them.

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Why hasn't any label tried to sue Axl yet? :huh:

Weiland and Kretz are trying to end their business relationship with Atlantic Records without fulfilling their contractual obligations. When they signed their recording agreement in 1992, they were paid to deliver a specific number of albums. The label is claiming the band still owes them three more LPs. Typically, when upcoming bands sign their first recording contract, it's for pennies. It's likely STP are trying to get out of their previous agreement in order to pursue a new deal that would be much more lucrative with a multi-million dollar signing bonus..

Axl's situation is completely different, as he's still working under contract with Geffen Records and has not attempted to leave..


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