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Sex Pistols to record possible 2nd album


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I really don't see how a new album could be a good thing, if it's just decent then that will ruin it all. I mean just having the one brilliant album sorta cements them in history, you can't just follow up an album like Never Mind the Bullocks, let alone follow it up 30 years later out of the blue. It would have to be absolutely fantastic or else not at all.

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The Sex Pistols are legends because they revolutionized music with their single album. If they put out a second album it would sorta ruin NMTB, IMO. I'm interested to hear what they still have in them though, maybe play new songs live?

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Guest knerken
Where in Norway?

donvill or dognvill or doggenvill? (im saying this totally wrong huh?) its a festival anyway, something like dogville :lol:

It's the Døgnvill-festival ;) Døgnvill means jet-lag in Norwegian, in case you wondered.

It's in Tromsø which is really far north in Norway. Too far for me to go..

But a new album can be interesting. In many ways.

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