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What are some live bootlegs you would consider essential?


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I can't be bothered to check the exact dates or versions (see my site if you want for that http://www.freewebs.com/destruction_bootlegs) But the ones that come to mind are (just thinking about the old GnR):

The Roxy, LA, USA January 1986

CBGBs, NY, USA 1987

The Ritz, NY 1988 (any of the dozens of versions available of it)

Middletown, NY, USA, 1988 (Love this show)

The Ritz, NY 1991

Toronto Canada 1991 (first night)

New York, USA June 1991 (Right angle)

St.Louis 1991

Stockholm, Sweden 1991 (Second Night)

Chicago, USA April 1992

Stuttgart, Germany 1992 (Axl sings the last part of Estranged in his November Rain Jacket)

Paris, France 1992

New Haven, USA 1993 (Love this show)

Milton Keynes, UK 1993 (Second Night)

Buenos Aires, Argentina 1993

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The Million Dollar Quartet - December 4, 1956, Sun Record Studios

The only bootleg recording you'll ever need.

That sounds familiar-who's on it? I'm sure if it's from Sun it's something special.

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AC/DC - Living In The Hell - One of the few Highway To Hell bootlegs out there. As I think HTH is DC's best album I love this. Great songs, great quality and Bon Scott.

Chris Cornell - Unplugged In Sweden - 13 songs played acoustic from in between the last Audioslave album and his second solo album, Carry On. Setlist is great.

GN'R - Live At The Ritz '88 - Brilliant.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - The Unreleased KBFH Show - Before the crash, has all their great songs, Simple Man :wub: included

Muse - Live At The Empire/Live In Helsinki - Can't separate these two, are almost as good as H.A.A.R.P.

Nirvana - Live In Rome - Brilliant stuff, best Nirvana bootleg I've heard.

Pearl Jam - Live In Dublin 23. August 2006 - First Irish show in many years this. Great mood because of this. The setlist is pretty good, obviously with some exceptions, as Pearl Jam has endless songs, but it includes Leash, one of my favourites.

Soundgarden - The Garden Grows (Live In Norway, my home country. Unfortunately I wasn't there :( ) From their Superunknown tour, obviously a great setlist, and a Chris Cornell sounding great.

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Live bootleg by aerosmith!(jk)

the rolling stones at altamont

pearl jam unplugged

can i count bob dylan's bootleg collection? those shows with mich taylor just rock

guitar boogie- Clapton, Page, and Beck

ozzy osborne-king bicuir flower hour and afternight(the lasr shows with rr)

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