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Vinyl vs. other formats


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the best sound quality of each format ranked from worst to best:


cd from digital master

cd from analog master

vinyl from digital master

vinyl from analog master.

(I'm leaving off cassettes and 8-tracks, but they are both better than mp3s)

I reached this conclusion purely by listening to the same album in different formats.

I took Coheed and Cambria's NWFT on cd and compared it too the same title on lp. Even though they were both mastered digitally there is a pronounced difference in warmth and low end when listening to the lp.

Next I took Band of Gypsys on lp and compared it to the same title on cd. The vinyl is so much better it's clear even to casual music fans. Just close your eyes and it's almost like being there.

The disadvantages of lps such as crackling and hiss are mostly due to neglect. If the album is kept clean and unscratched the noise will be negligible. I know everyone wants something easily portable and that's why mp3s are so popular, but I know I'm not the only one here that despises them.

Whenever I order an album online now I always look to see if it's available on lp first, and a surprising number of recent releases are. Go out and see for yourself.

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