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brain and buckethead


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Corpse Of Mugabe

dont know if its been posted on here before but nm, got this from download forum

According to Pete Way (the legendary bass player with UFO) he and vocalist Phil Mogg are in the early stages of writing songs for there controversially named supergroup Corpse Of Mugabe, the band is completed by former Guns n' Roses members Brain (drums) and eccentric guitarist Buckethead. "Brain and Bucket are musical soulmates just like me and Phil, this is gonna be a complete one-off album which well try and tour as much as we can, oh yeah and also the name of the band may change by the time were done, but this is gonna be real old school with no website or myspace or any of that ****, so you have the most info so far."

a full write up will follow in next months classic rock magazine but for more info in the meantime feel free to email us http://www.classicrockmagazine.com/


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Corpse Of Mugabe

Great name... I hope Bush is close to signing the Executive Order to have Mugabe killed. Way past due.

Didn't Reagan past an Executive Order banning the assassination of foreign heads of state? I thought I read he did. But then, I believe there was a plan to assassinate Saddam...but then again, we were at war with Iraq, so maybe the rules are different. Man, I don't know. I am so not the dude to be talking politics.

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