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Bands off TSI


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I thought this might be intresting , has anyone hear started listening to The bands that GnR covered on TSI , or were you a fan of any Before TSI , I already knew of The Sex Pistols and Iggy and The Stooges and enjoyed them and have actually recently listened to a couple T-Rex tunes aside from "Bang a Gong" . Anyway what about you guys has TSI affeted you're listening in any way .

Peace GnR Nation B)

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a few of the bands i already listened to like: the sex pistols and iggy and the stooges

then it got me into listening to the damned etc..

i just ordered a new york dolls cd yesterday, thats the new years resolution well and truely broken

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The Sex Pistols are one of my favourite bands anyway. I also like UK Subs and New York Dolls but listened to them after i bought TSI?. I have The best of T-Rex aswell but i got that before i even knew about TSI?

hell ya niice fucken taste in music!!

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