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RN'R's signature thread.

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These two signatures are up for the first people who claims them! :)

I can always add your name too.



I'm very new at Photoshop, so I've been doing these in my spare time. :)

My first one ever:


My second one, I fixed the sword - this is the bad copy.


A personal favorite...


Not too good...


I fixed it up...






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Alright thanks kevin and Axls_Shorts_Rule, I made my very first signature. I know Favre isn't a part of Green Bay anymore but I couldn't find any good Greg Jennings renders. :lol:


How is it for a first timer?

It's crap!!!

Just kidding. It looks great man. Nice first attemt. rock3

I've been playing around with photoshop a bit. Think I'm going to try doing a wallpaper.

I did my sig with Photoshop awhile ago, but with no cutting out, just took a pic of the Coop darkened it a bit, resized it, added my name a border and some effects.

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I really like that Trooper one. If you change your sig I think you should go with a Maiden one.

Yeah, the sword is a little messed up but I erased it, and cleaned it up a bit. I'm thinking I'm going to switch between these signatures every so often. Thanks for the feedback. :)

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Thanks! I like the sun-like spots on your signature, I think that's pretty cool. :)

Here's another one I did just briefly...


Only thing i can suggest here is try to choose colors that are easy to blend and mesh together. Like how your current sig works well is that the colors are real similar throughout. A drastic change like from blue to red in this one really sticks out, complimenting colors is important

I'm talking abou tthe left side of the dude too, personally I think the flag blends in awesomeley, but the left side could have blended better

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You should put your username instead of Beavis and Butthead.

Yeah, I'm not going to use it as a forum signature yet, and I can always change it later. Good idea though.

Nah, screw it. I'm going to use it soon. :lol:

Awesome! The Rock N Roll goes good with them rockin out. rock3

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