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Stings King of Pain, Covered by Mudvayne


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Has anybody heard this? I wasnt really that optimistic when I bought the Cd For the People by the people.. Mudvayne's newest album... I wasnt too sure about the album.. after Lost and Found and that little hell yeah deal Chad had going on.. but I thought what the hell.. It's an album of pretty much their best songs.. selected by the fans through a poll on their website.. but it also included one original song called Dull Boy, and a Cover.. King of Pain, the Sting song.. I have to say, it's a Jewel.. it almost feels like the whole album was made because of this one song.. I suggest that everyone give it a try.. even if you don't like mudvayne, or Metal.. the song may have even made it's way on rock stations.. but I don;t know I don't listen to teh radio much.. but if you ahvent heard this osng, give it a try.. and if you have, please post your opinion on it..

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