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Weiland solo album set for October 7th


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Stone Temple Pilots vocalist Scott Weiland has set October 7 as the release date for his yet-to-be-titled second solo album, according to Absolute Punk.

Weiland has been working on the project for several years and will issue it through his own label, Softdrive Records. The record will follow up his 1998 solo debut, "12 Bar Blues", and Weiland told The Pulse Of Radio the new one is a natural progression. "It'll definitely be a sonic journey like the first album was, a little bit more focused since I'm not on a narcotic journey like I was on the last one. But, you know, still sort of all over the map, because my influences are so wide and varied."

Stone Temple Pilots reunited in April for a major summer tour after a six-year hiatus. The band rose to stardom in the 1990s, but its career was derailed by Weiland's drug problems and arrests.

Weiland spent a month in rehab earlier this year, following an arrest last November on a DUI charge.

The singer and Stone Temple Pilots drummer Eric Kretz were recently sued by the group's label, Atlantic Records, who allege that the pair have issued threats to stop performing unless their recording contract is changed.

-Ultimate Guitar

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I'm pumped for Scotty's first post VR record, hopefully it returns him to his Bowiesque/Morrison roots. 12 Bar Blues was great because it came from such a strange place, only Mockingbird Girl sounded like it could have been an STP song. Cool Kiss and Divider were the best songs from that album.

A double album of veiled drug references, rejoice Weiland fans!

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I want a bit of everything. Pop songs, rock songs, psychedelic drug-fucked songs, and at least one crooning song in the same mold as And So I Know and Divider.

I've been on a Weiland pop binge lately. Tiny Music with some Too Cool Queenie and Days Of The Week mixed in.

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Looking forward to it. Hopefully it is better than Cornell's solo effort. I saw STP a month ago and they ruled. I would rather have him record with them; but you take what you can get.

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