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Viva La Vida vs. In Rainbows

Gallagher Rose

Viva La Vida vs. In Rainbows  

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Without having heard a bar of VLV, I can say with utter confidence that In Rainbows kicks it's ass. Which I doubt would be particularly difficult, based on the Coldplay material I have suffered through.

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I've only heard a few tracks off of VLV, and I'm a Radiohead fan who doesn't love Rainbows as much as most do, but Rainbows and anything Radiohead does, just completely shit all over the Coldplay stuff

Compare Coldplay songs with more Radio Pop Stuff or something...not Radiohead

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like i read from coldplay's lead singer in the rolling stone interview... "I'd be a eunich just for writing paranoid android."

radiohead without a doubt...i like the song viva la vida though... best coldplay crap since their first album when they did yellow...but in rainbows was amazing and sold on the internet without a record company...

radiohead had house of cards, weird fishes and videotape...those 3 alone would decide it for me

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