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anyone like matchbox 20??

GnR lives on

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Yeah I like them. My sister is/has been obsessed with them since they came out. Shes got all their CD's, DVD's, VHS, memorabilia, you name it. Shes been to two of their concerts (I went to one of them with her). I didn't really care for them when she started listening to them but over the past couple years I've been able to identify with them more and become more of a fan of their material. So yeah I'd definitely call myself a fan.

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never thought many people on a gnr forum would like them....

but i thought they were just ok till recently and just thought they had like 3 good songs..then recently i saw a concert by them on MHD.... i realized how good and catchy some of their songs are...i had never heard those songs before...what i had was like bright lights and unwell along with 3 am and long day

now i love bent, the real world, these hard times, how far we've come, disease, and the other ones..

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Rob Thomas is one of the best pop songwriters that has been around in a long time. "Smooth". "Push". "3 A.M.". "Real World". "Back To Good". "Disease". "Unwell". The list goes on.

I'm not a fan of all of those songs, but I have to admit that the guy has some shit going for him.

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