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Madagascar "unplugged"

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This is an old track I dug up from Feb. '07. We had a jam without our drummer and it resulted in my best vocal performance of Madagascar yet. This is an off the cuff jam recorded and mixed live and isn't perfect by any means but should be appreciated by fans of the current band.

It's an 11MB high-quality MP3 (right-click and save): Crash Monaco - Madagascar "unplugged"

Comments please!

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C'mon guys, 37 views and not ONE comment? I guess I need to add some still pics to it and get it up on YouTube if I want feedback.

it's just that everyone thinks it's that acoustic guitar version that's on YouTube so you don't bother opening the file.. that's what I thought everytime I saw this thread until the comments came.

anywho, I didn't listen to it all because I'm not really in the mood to listen to that kind of vocals, so no feedback from me, just wanted to say the possible reason for no feedback, change the name

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