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My Bands New Album Available for Free Download

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We've been working our asses off on this record and to say the least we are very proud. It was recorded in the best studio in the Carolinas and the sound quality is great.

I want to share it with my peeps over here. Just swing over to www.sundrown.net and download our album entitled "Something or Another". The album varies and is all over the place. From heavy to bluesy to pshycadelic. I've made 6 records in my life, but this one is the one that I'm the most stoked over.

Just go to www.sundrown.net and go to the audio section. Right click on the song and hit "save target as". All we ask is for you to leave a comment on our guestbook and come on to this thread and let me know what you guys think.


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I’ve always been on the fence about downloading of albums for free, but I would be hypocritical if I said I did not download albums off torrents. Musicians do not make money off of album releases, most people who are in the know are aware this. Anyway…

We’ve decided that for as long as we can possibly do this, we will allow all releases that we do as an unsigned band will be free releases. This has been decided due to the fact that we have had such an overwelming positive response to the new record, and would love for everyone to experience the different sounds the old record has. Yes, the band will take a pretty hefty loss due to studio costs and what-not. But to be a musician you want your music heard, and I guess to clear my conscience, it would be unfair for me to not practice what I preach.

So, right now you can download our first record “As We Watch The Sun Drown” for free.



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