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Ok, so I need some recommendations concerning an artist and a genre.

The artist is Donovan, and I'm sure a lot of you guys have heard his name spoken of in the same sentence as The Beatles and the trip to India and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and his finger-picking guitar style. Anyway, I think I've seen his name mentioned in this section once or twice, and I figured that now was a good time to start listening to his music, as I am in the midst of a 60s period again.

The genre is Afro Pop. Yeah, I know, a Guns N' Roses forum is probably not the best place to look for people who listen to Afro Pop, but since this is currently the only large forum that I am a member of, I'll check if there are any people here who listen to it before joining a forum dedicated to all sorts of music for the sole purpose of getting to know a new genre.

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