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Chinese Democracy ebay item


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So i am looking at this CD hat on ebay, and this guy is announcing they are playing in Sept. in vegas.. Check it out, and let me know what you think.. Figured it was worth posting.

@%$ THEY ARE COMING!!!! *Sept 16-Las Vegas* Sept 20 & 21 - San Francisco * Sept 23 - Los Angeles (IM GOING!!!!).....more to come

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I just Emailed the Ebay user in a short note reading......" Hi there,can i ask how you seem to be the only one on the planet that seems to claim G'N'R are doing Vegas n then a world tour....can i ask how you've aquired this info cus as far as i can see,theres no World tour in the pipe line & the album still has no release date......oh,n the cap looks just like the one from the last tour they did in the U.K,Not Brand New for a new tour as you claim! Write Back"

Heres Hoping LOL :rofl-lol:

So these are 2006 dates.....hmmmm......Good thinking BatMan.

Just Delete this thread already huh!

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Uhm the guy quite clearly says "CHINESE DEMOCRACY WORLD TOUR 2006-07 ERA Baseball cap"

Yeh he writes in a rather misleading way, but it's fairly obvious that he is just trying to hype the sale.

Oh and to the guy who mentioned him saying brand new, he says it in the sense that it's not been used, hence the brand new, never been worn.

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