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My guitar distribution company

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Recently my friend and I set up a distribution company in the UK for guitars and basses, as well as some floor effects and stuff. We are called Blackhawk Music Limited and we are the UK distributors for Flaxwood guitars from Finland which are really innovative, and blow any PRS out of the water.

Flaxwood Voima in Kivi oiled rock finish:


The one above has a really versatile sound given the two humbuckers and the single coil between them, but what's really cool is the 'blender' pot next to the tone. This blends in the neck pick up as much as you turn it, so you can really craft the sound you want. Most other models have this feature but not all of them.

All of the guitars are hollow, and made by mould injected wood. *NO, THEY'RE NOT MADE OF MDF!!* The clever Finns at Flaxwood take a load of spruce, pulp it down and add an acoustic resin to make it set once injected into the mould, and because of this there are no grains or knots to make the sound waves move through the guitar in an unorthodox direction. They come out of the mould hollow, and very light. The neck is made in the same way, so there are no dead spots given that the neck is of a uniform density throughout, and there is no fretboard either, so the sustain is maximised. All guitars are hand finished by the master luthiers once the body is out of the mould.

I could go on about the manufacturing and positives etc, but above is essentially the condensed version of what I was telling people at the London International Music Show where we were launching these guitars and the other products on behalf of the manufacturers.

So please take a moment to check out the stuff we are trying to get into the shops, and let me know what you think of the stuff we're distibuting, and if you have any ideas please let me know.

One last thing for all guitarists who get frustrated with their wah-pedals - check out the Wah-Pad from G-Lab and watch this video of the new endorsee explaining how it works and why it's awesome!!

Thanks for reading.


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