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Wu Tang Clan


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As you can probably tell from my name, I am a big Wu Tang Clan fan. My favorite albums are LiquidSwords and Beneath the surface both by Gza and 8 diagrams, the new Wu Tang album and Only built for Cuban Linx by Raekwon. ANy other Wu fans here?

fans?!?! are you fucking kidding me!!!!!!! i LOVE Wu Tang, i have every single album of theirs right up until the one that came out after W :):) and thats including all their solo stuff by Meth' and ODB and Raekwon and BOBBY DIGITAL, HIP HOP CYBORG and oh just all of it, love em :):) love em love em love em!!!

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Been meaning to check em out.... Any pointers?

36 Chambers

Wu Tang Forever

Only Built for Cuban Linx

Tical - Method Man (i think you'd like that one :) )

for starters...personally i love ODB cuz he is (or was rather) a total fucking nutcase and it translates through his delivery so yeah, an ODB greatest hits might cool to sorta test out.

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I haven't checked out any Wu Tang albums,but Method's Tical and Dare Iz A Darkside by Redman were awesome albums.

Redman aint in the Wu Tang man, he's just good friends with Meth'...they even made a couple of albums together i think, Blackout i think was one, fuckin cool it was as well :):)

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I think "The Cure" has been in the works for just about as long as Chinese Democracy.

But have you guys heard the rumor that the Clan's next album will be without the RZA?

That would be fucking awful. I think RZA is underrated as a producer. Look at the Wu solo albums without him. THey were fucking awful, but the ones with him are the best. I think RZA is up there with Dre and better then TImberland in terms of producers.

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Any fans of the Wu fam???

Killah Priest

Sonz of Man

Killah Army


Black Knights????

Killah Priest's album "heavy Mental" was one of the best albums I have ever heard. I really enjoyed how deep it was and the beats were incredible. It is one of those albums that you could listen to all the way through with no problem. I haven't really heard alot of stuff from the others, except the gravediggaz. I liked six feet deep ( i think that is the name of the album) I thought it was funny and had great production. (Of course it did, It was by Rza)

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