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The MyGnR Country Music thread

Death Star

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who are your favorites?

Mine right now are

Johnny Cash

Hank WIlliams Senior

Hank WIlliams II

Hank Williams III

Rebel Meets Rebel (I don't know if you could classify this as country)

Brad Paisley

Montgomery Gentry

Waylon Jennings

Shooter Jennings

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Ryan adams

Gram Parsons

Hank williams

Neil young - the nashville stuff

Whiskeytown - especially the re-release of strangers almanac - fukin great

Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Session - such an amazing album.

Blanche - some a there stuff aint bad.

And Jenny lewis' solo albums pretty cool to.

Oh wait i forgot Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, what a fukin album!

And of course Gillian Welch

Fuck i left out Emmylou Harris aswell - Boulder to Birmingham brings tears to my eyes its that good!

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I worked backstage at a Trace Adkins concert

it was really bad, i was blown away by how full of himself this asshat was. what kind of hooray for tolerance! flaunts his magazine cover shoot photos claiming hes the "sexiest man alive" on the big screen thing? while performing?

needless to say it was one of the most cliche representations of a "rock star" i had never heard of, and the music was really corny

Im not too familiar with country music but I assume theres a good deal of it thats actually genuine... casue this shit wasnt

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Alan Jackson

YES! now that guys country!

I also like:


Brad Paisley (ok on some stuff, some of it I don't like)

Ricky Skaggs

George Jones

Hank Williams

Randy Travis

Billy Ray Cyrus

Dixie Chicks (Great musicians and Nat has the voice)

Little Texas

Mark Wills ? (who ever sings 1970 something)

Below are Country impersonators: BEWARE OF THEM!

Lonestar (barf)

Shania wannabe Twain

Kenny Chesney

Rodney Atkins (undoubtfully the worst singer in the history of ANY music)

Toby Keith (oh double PUKE)

and of course

Sugarland................... :confused:

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