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If you have a soundcard that lets you record whatever audio your soundcard happens to be playing at any given time you could just record the audio that way.

There should be an option that says something like, "record what you hear," in your software mixer menu. I had this on my old Soundblaster Card. If this doesn't work, try running an audio cable out of your line out and put the other end into the line in and record it that way--making a sort of loop with your soundcard. I haven't tried this yet. Be interested to see if it works.

Then, you need to open a program that lets you record audio. I think Windows has something integrated into it. Or some software may have been bundled in with your soundcard installation cd.

Make sure you turn the Windows sounds off so they don't bleed into the recordings.

Or you could do it the old fashioned way. Run an audio cable out of your line-out into a tape recorder or digital recorder.

Getting just the audio out of a video file is most likely going to be a manual process without expensive software.

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and i hate to be a downer, but im sure most of the leaks are taken off youtube. around 2 weeks ago, anything tagged with 'chinese democracy' or any of the leaks were removed from youtube and the uploaders of the videos were warned/temporarily suspended..some might still be there though

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The least invasive way to do this is simple:

Open up two web pages, on one web page go to you tube and play or open the video that you want to convert to mp3. On the other web page set it to www.vixy.net. Now go back to the youtube page with the video of the song you plan to grab. Now cut and paste the web address to that particular video and paste it in the box on vixy.net. You will have several options of what you can convert the file into, select mp3. The video will then begin to convert while you can visually see the progress. When it is done converting it will download to your default music player in mp3 format. You will have to manually rename it and you are done. If you are using a Mac there is an additional step: you must select "advanced" in your itunes and select "convert to AAC". When the conversion is done the song will display the proper length. You can then convert it back to mp3(the reason that you have to convert it to AAC is because the song will display random, incorrect info, you can alter the title but not the length, so the conversion fixes this issue).

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