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Albums that you can only listen to as whole


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The mark of a truly great album, to me at least, is one where if you need to listen to it , start to finish.

I've got many albums that I like, where sometimes I can just throw it in my car, play a few songs off of it, and be done with it -

And then there are the special ones where it just doesn't seem right to do that

Dark Side of the Moon - is the one for me

If I hear, for example, "Time" on the radio - I'm not turning it off, but it just doesn't seem right without hearing "Breathe" first

Any others?

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Jet-Get Born

Really? I haven't listened to it in ages but I remember it being mostly filler.

I don't have any albums that I have to listen to as a whole. EDIT: Apart from Vulture Street - Powderfinger.

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Temple of the Dog - Temple of the Dog

YES! I've been telling people for years that that particular album is much better as a whole than just single tracks.

Personally, DSOTM isn't an album for me that I can only listen to as a whole. It's best as whole, but I can pick out tracks too. Animals and WYWH imo are albums that you can listen only as an album, not tracks.

I'd like to add:

The Mars Volta - Frances the Mute

Massive Attack - Mezzanine

Nine Inch Nails - Still EP

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Yeah, me too. I don't think I've ever heard an album where I like every song. DSOTM especially. I found most of that album to be uninteresting. Time, Money, and maybe one or two other songs I like...the rest, not so much. But I've been planning to give that album another listen or two because people always urge to hear it in it's entirety (which I did the first time, but whatever).

I tend to focus on each song as it's own thing, and pick the ones I love most to listen to frequently. Of course an album puts all it's songs into context, but at the end of the day an album is a collection of songs that you listen to.

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Eddie Vedder-Into The Wild


Temple of the Dog - Temple of the Dog

Yeah, beautiful record!

Disintegration by The Cure

The atmosphere of that album is just so haunting, I just can't listen to it while it's bright and sunny outside, it has to be nighttime or a rainy day.

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