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who's the best grunge singer???

GnR lives on


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1.Eddie Vedder (Personal favourite)

2.Chris Cornell (Geez, what a voice, shame that he's wasting it away with Timbaland nowadays)

3.Layne Stayley (Impressive vocalist, the Unplugged concert :wub:)

4.Kurt Cobain (Yeah, he had his moments, Unplugged concert for example)

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Guest knerken
C'mon, this is elementary.

Mark Lanegan is the voice of Grunge

None of the options.

Mark Arm.

Both are better choices.

Out of the four options I go for Layne or Kurt. Can't choose.

EDIT: How could I fucking forget Andrew Wood?!

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Layne even though AIC isn't grunge and they're metal.

Na, they aren't metal. :rofl-lol:

Yes they are. Jerry Cantrell even said it.

"We're a lot of different things... I don't quite know what the mixture is, but there's definitely metal, blues, rock and roll, maybe a touch of punk. The metal part will never leave, and I never want it to- Jerry Cantrell Guitar World 1996.

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