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Well, I turned my computer on this am

and a dos window opened and says this


M:\>net use /delete y:

There are open files and/or incomplete directory searches pending on the connect

Ion to y: .

Is it OK to continue disconnecting and force them closed? (Y/N) [N]:

this computer is on a network

is somebody snooping on my computer? over the net?

this never happened before

But I have noticed this past while that things on my M: have been 'different'

any ideas?

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From another forum...

As an inelegant (but currently my only) solution to a need for certain automated checks to be remotely performed on a batch of machines, I call a batch file which (at one point) disconnects a recently created share before moving to the next automated check.

To do so I use net use as noted in the subject.

Unfortunately, the nature of these checks is such that occasionally the remote PC (some are on the other side of the globe) does not respond to a request before the wait period expires. When this happens, the disconnect results in a prompt informing me that there are files or a search open on the share, am I sure I want to delete it.

Subsequent checks in the calling program attempt to connect to different shares with the same drive letter, and mayhem ensues.

I don't know how to check for and respond to that prompt inside my batch file. (I'm NOT a batch file wiz) A quick check of net use doesn't seem to show any switch to force it, but I wondered if there were some other method.

I have a hard time generating the error on demand, but it's NOT the same error that get if you actually open something and then try to delete the share. (that message is "The device is being accessed by an active process.", and doesn't give you the option to proceed.)

I am suitably embarassed at not grabbing a shot of the exact error before closing the command window.

Assume that I can't adjust the wait period, and that I can't get around connecting and disconnecting drives via a batch file...

Was probably a network admin doing a routine check, wouldn't be too worried about it TBH

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