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Greatest Musical Talent from your neck of the woods.

Guest Metatron

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Guest Jack_the_ripper

So this is most preferably saying what musical talent is best from your city/state/province however I do understand some people don't have that many great musical talents in their area, so for those who have a rather bleak outlook surrounding them, it's fine to just say best musical talent from your country.

Also, you can add best musical talent from the past, who's the best now, and an up and coming talent.

I'll get the ball rolling:


Past: Leonard Cohen - There is no denying his musical genius... He wrote Hallelujah.

Present: The Arcade Fire - I've had Rebellion stuck in my head for 2 years now... I think that holds some sort of significance.

Future: Stars - Some may argue that Stars is already established, but fuck them, no one really knows of Stars, and they just ooze out talent.

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Alice Cooper

Iggy and the Stooges


Kid Rock

all them Motown groups, the ones that were actually from the motor city at least

and so much more that escape my mind at the moment :tongue2:

I'll add Madonna, Aretha Franklin & Ted Nugent.

And Brandon Calhoon (Rock Star INXS) is from my hometown. My brother went to school with him.

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Angus & Malcolm Young from AC/DC were born in Scotland, as was Mark Knopfler but none of them lived here that long. Early childhood.

There a load of shitty indie and pop bands pissing out all over Scotland at the minute and since I don't like them I won't list them all.

From my own county, Fife, we have The Proclaimers... and KT Tunstall... but she falls into into the shitty band category I mentioned above.

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

Can't miss to mention ABBA.

Then there are Ted Gärdestad.


Ace of Base and Roxette is two other band which has sold much.

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