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Damn. An 80's band that I missed . . . .

Guest Apollo

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Guest Apollo

Ya, they sound like the singer's old band. But fuckin-A. This first song is incredible. I love it.


A couple more cool songs:



Anybody else like them?

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Well, I started to listen to "Cry No More," when it struck me that the entire structure of the song was lifted from "Love Reign O'er Me" by The Who. Listen towards the end of the song (the "Cool, cool raiiiin" parts) - it is exactly the same as Cry No More's hook. You can almost switch the lyrics over and it fits. It kept bothering me as I listened to the song. There's nothing wrong with homages here and there, but when you steal the entire structure of your song, you'd better damn well make sure it's not from a masterpiece like "Love Reign O'er Me." Hell, Cry No More even starts the same, with dwindling little strings/keyboards. The most obvious part, though, is the "Ooooh, so lone-uh-la-EEE."

I'm not trying to tear them apart; it just kind of amazed me how blatant it was. When I first started listening, I was like, "Where do I recognize that song?!" If you like them, that's fine, and I won't criticize you for that; I don't want you to think I'm making fun of you/them. They're just not my cup of tea.

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Guest Apollo

Estranged . . . . really????? I just listened to both songs and don't see it at all.

NOW . . . don't worry. I'm not claiming Arcade to be some great memorable band that will last a lifetime or influence others. I just thought they had a couple catchy tunes is all. Especially Mother Blues. I love that song.

And I certainly wouldn't insult the Who by mentioning them in the breath as Arcade!!!!

Remember, the topic is some 80's band people might not have heard . . .

OK fella . . . what do you think of these guys?

First song you gotta get past the stupid speaking shit - but once the song starts, it's pretty cool.

The second video - DONT WATCH, just listen to it. Otherwise, your gonna say "OMG, it's Sebastian Bach."

Their singer has a really cool voice.

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