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A band that "should" have rivaled GnR

Guest Apollo

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Guest Apollo

OK - here is a chance for the rest of us to hopefully get some "hidden treasures" from fellow forum members.

Tell us a band that you think went under the radar in the 80's or 90's (or even 00's I guess) that you think should have been much bigger.

Mine is below. They didn't reach major stardom though, as their lead singer died at a much to early age do to a heroin overdose.

Incredible voice, amazing vibe, incredible sound . . . these guys had the potential to be fucking huge.

Oh, on a side note, there would probably be no Pearl Jam if not for the lead singer's death.

This is one of my 25 favorite songs of all time.


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Body Count

now this was a kickass early 90's rap/thrash/hardcore metal band with Ice T as a singer.They are probably most known by the Cop Killer song and the controversy it created but damn did they have a sweet first record.Unlike RATM,the lyrics have a rap mentality in them,but half the time it's meant to be a joke(which quite a lot of people didn't get at the time,I guess).

Smoked Prok/Body Count In The House

Bowels Of The Devil

Momma's Gotta Die Tonight

Body Count

Evil Dick

There Goes The Neighborhood

Cop Killer

The other three records aren't as strong,but each contains a couple of good tracks.(of course I can't post,because youtube hasn't got the songs)

Hey Joe(Hendrix cover)

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Damn man, I'm digging Mother Love Bone. This dude is an awesome singer, reminds me of Plant a bit, and their music has some real weight to it. I read about them a while back and thought one day I'd check their stuff out. You might have accelerated that a bit.

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