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This tutorial will show you how to prevent a member from sending you PM's:

1) Go in "My controls" (upper right corner of the page)

2) Then click "PM Buddies/Block List" (left)

3) In the "Members name" box, write the name of the member you want to block

4) Select "No" in the "Allow this member to message you?" box

5) Click "Add this member to my address book"

6) You are done!

Members you add to your "BLOCK" list will get this message when trying to send you a PM:


The following errors were found

This member has chosen not to be contactable by the board Messenger

This personal message has not been sent


*Special thanks to Jack99 for helping with this tutorial. :)

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There was a banned Poster on another Website who came back under new Accounts and was sending Legitimate Posters PM's such as,"I have hacked your credit card information. You went to Red Lobster in May of 2020 and used your Discover credit card ending in 1222. I can mess up your life by using your credit card as you if you do not turn against the Admin ." Us Posters of course reported the Account and the PM's instead of being all,"We have to turn against the Admin in order to protect our credit card!" The Admin was like,"This Account was a Troll I banned previously for being a Troll. There was a loophole that allowed unverified Newbies to send PM's but I have removed the loophole that allowed unverified Newbies to send PM's. Thank you guys for reporting him and his PM's. "

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