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Listen to the new AC/DC single NOW

Mansin Humanity

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Great stuff - strong mix that harks back to Powerage IMO. Kinda like Stiff Upper Lip styled, but a little harder and more "oldschool" - Brian's voice has improved out of sight. Really happy with this track, been cranking it all day!!

I instantly thought of Powerage too, the riff and chorus are really a throw back to Down Payment Blues, Gone Shootin', etc. It's better than anything on Stiff Upper Lip except the title track, if the whole album is this good, it will easily be one of the best Brian Johnson albums IMO.

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Neither MFing site is working for me.... :(

EDIT: Working now, kickass! Definitely hear the Powerage in it like people are saying. Definite 70's sound. Which is what I like, so awesome. I like the backing vocals. Brian sounds cool, but I fear his voice will be too weak for a lot of the other classics from his era. Ironically, though, I think he'll do fantastic with the Bon stuff, but not necessarily his own.

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Guest knerken

It's kind of a mix of AC/DC's best from the 70s (Pwnerage) and 80's (Flick of the switch). I might start listening to AC/DC again.

Malcolm and Cliff's backing vocals sound kickass as usual! :D

EDIT: haha dally

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