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So I've got this high risk Trojan.

I've used a Trojan Remover to get rid of some parts of it but it's still there.

I try to download AVG but it just says the files are corrupt and I can't access btjunkie to get a torrent to get AVG.

I can't do system restore either since the Trojan blocked that.

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I installed it removed some of the viruses but not entirely.

I know this sounds crazy but it isn't. Turn off system restore and delete all restore points. Its common knowledge that viruses 'hang out' in there.

So how do you know that you've still got a virus? Popups? Slowness?

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Its rare but many viruses actually behave like Microsoft warnings, for example i had one recently that mimicked vista's security centre warning advising me my firewall and anti virus were turned off.

I kept getting pop ups for the "Security Centre" as well as warning symbols flashing in notification area.

I downloaded Super anti spy ware and it sorted out the problem, some times they miss problems so its best to run a few different anti spy ware programmes.

The prblem with system restore is not knowing when a computer was infected, you might be restoring to a point in time where the virus was present just not active, many are triggered by system restore as its used by less experienced users in a panic.

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