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Best rock bassist?


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Who do you reckon is the best rock bassist?

Now I know I'm probably forgetting a lot of people, but if I had to say someone, I would choose Geezer Butler.

He's pretty awesome, always adding fantastic subtle touches to Sabbath's music, and he always makes a kickass lead bassline when he's called to, eg. Hand of Doom.

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My top 3 (no particular order):

Geddy Lee - Geddy plays some of the most intricate bass lines in rock, which weave in between Alex Lifeson's solos while being backed by Niel Peart's insane drum patterns. And the best part, he sings while doing so. On many Rush songs, if you block out the drums and guitar and only focus on Geddys bass and vocals, it's easy to see why he's so great.

Songs to check out: Far Cry, YYZ, Subdivisions

Geezer Butler - While he may not be the best technical bassist, Geez makes up for it in his just plain awesome bass lines. His bass lines are so innovative yet simple, while still keeping enough difficulty to interest people. After he got away from the typical "play the exact same thing as the guitar" bass lines which dominate much of the first 2 albums, Geezer really started to show off his skill.

Songs to check out: War Pigs, Falling Off The Edge Of The World, Bassically/N.I.B.

Steve Harris - Possibly one of the fastest bassists in the world. He can gallop with 3 fingers (Though he chooses to use 2 most of the time) at tempos of 180 +. His tone is also incredibly influential. The "click bass" tone he achieves by plucking so close to the bridge is as much a part of Maiden's signature sound as the guitar harmonies and Bruce's "air raid siren" voice. Plus, he's one of the most energetic performers of all time.

Songs to check out: Phantom Of The Opera, Aces High, Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

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Bill wyman

Knew I had forgotten someone great. I'll put him even first with Geezer.

YEah took time for someone to mention Entwhistle eh? Yeah, I'd have to say him along with John Paul Jones and I can't believe no one has mentioned Paul McCartney yet.

Yeah, i always feel bill wyman gets forgotten about, great bassist.

And i cant believe i forgot mcartney!

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steve harris and cliff burton. great finger players. And lets face it - where would metal be without Iron Maiden and Metallica?

Duff? Na he does what he does but he's fairly generic. Nikki Sixx doesnt eaven play half the notes and is really uninventive on the bass and shit im glad no ones said Sid Vicious

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I would say Chris Wolstenholme is probably my favourite just because his contributions to the songs are so obvious. In a three-piece band the bass is really important, whereas with a larger band you also have rhythm guitar etc which usually takes the focus away from the bass. I'm not saying bass isn't important in those bands or anything; just that it takes a backseat.

Sexiest bass track everrrr.

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