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GNR Guitarist Bumblefoot Signs With DEEP/BCD Music Group


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DATE: Sept. 5, 2008

SOURCE: Blabbermouth


DEEP/BCD Music Group has announced the signing of GUNS N' ROSES lead guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal. His latest CD, "Abnormal", which was released on July 1 via all digital outlets, will be made available in October. The DEEP/BCD Music Group version of the album will include an exclusive bonus track not available anywhere else.

"Abnormal", the follow-up to Thal's previous offering, "Normal", is a hard rock album flavored with a light-hearted mix of different styles and genres, with catchy hooks and blistering guitar work. It contains "17 powerful, well-delivered tracks" featuring Thal's "incredible lyrics and seriously intense skills on the guitar," according to a press release. Drawing influences from such diverse artists as the SEX PISTOLS, THE BEATLES and FRANK ZAPPA, the CD is "sure to appeal to fans of GUNS N' ROSES as well as musicians everywhere."

When asked about the new project, Thal had the following to say: "It was October last year, I was about to fly into a fucking rage, went to go crash out at the studio, and all these songs just started flying out of my head. Spent the next few months recording drums, bass, guitars, vocals, opera singers and tuba players. Some people heard it and said it reminds them of the SEX PISTOLS with a little BEATLES/QUEEN vibe to it. Didn't have a plan, just did what I felt, and in the end this is what I got."

"Abnormal" track listing:

01. Abnormal

02. Glad To Be Here

03. Objectify

04. Some Other Guy

05. Jenny B

06. Last Time

07. Simple Days

08. Conspiracy

09. Piranha

10. Guitars Still Suck

11. Green

12. Spaghetti

13. Misery

14. Redeye

15. The Day After

16. Dash

Thal made the "Abnormal" title track available for free download at www.bumblefoot.com. Three different versions of the song are downloadable in MP3 and uncompressed WAV format: album version, clean version and instrumental version. The lyric sheet is also provided.


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