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RIR4 05.30 Schedule


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Axl have a good relatinship w/ RIR organization... so i think he can choose when he want's to perform. But if you look , he choosed ( again) sunday .

RIR starts friday, sat , sunday . --- stop ---- thu, fri , sat , sun. ( well at least RIR 3 was like that ) . so GNR " close " the frist half ...

i think it's good . because onRIR3 on the second friday ( iron maiden night ) the floor was already w/out grass ... lots of dust ....

also this brazilian band CB Jr.. sucks!!!

on RIR 3 some brazilian bands that were at the top at that time refused to play because of arrangements related to $ and the fact that the " international bands "

had more time and louder equipament .for their concerts.... so some other classic ( 80's brazilian rock scene ) were called and it was much better.

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i think guns should play all day, with all 90 songs worth of material taking an hour break here and there to snort a couple lines and get back out there and do it again

Yeah, that would be great :P

But, it is a shit line up. Guns and Metallica shuld play on the same day!!! B)

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