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Famous bands in the recent past, but forgotten now

Gallagher Rose

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I was watching some videos in my "old" VHS tapes, most of them videos from 97 to 2000 and some bands were sucessful..but now forgotten..let's list some bands recently famous but now forgotten:


Sugar Ray

Smash Mouth


Static X

Coal Chamber

Eagle Eye Cherry

Ugly Kid Joe


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They've a new album out pretty soon.

the Wallflowers have gone underground/indie because Jakub Dylan didn't like the way record companies treated him

they still make good music, but don't get the exposure

I still hear them on US radio when I listen online. How Good It Can Get is a tuuuuuune.


I don't know whereabouts you're from, but in the UK, they're still remembered and regularly tour. They've a new album on it's way and many reviews say it's a bit lacklustre, lacking singalong hits etc.

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They've a new album out pretty soon.

Until which time they remain "forgotten".

And probably after too :( Bands like that, that have one big hit, take loads of time out of the spotlight, make a new album that doesnt even make the top 100 and they become forgotten. And to add to the list:

Ocean Colour Scene


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