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Got my Metallica tix....


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I've seen them twice already, and hopefully they'll come here again on the Death Magnetic tour and I'll be there again rock3

How was their setlist? Pretty decent?

Well the first time I saw them in 2007 the setlist was:

Creeping Death

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Ride The Lightning

Disposable Heroes

The Unforgiven

...And Justice for All

The Memory Remains

The Four Horsemen


Fade to Black

Master Of Puppets


Sad But True

Nothing Else Matters


Enter Sandman

Am I Evil?

Seek and Destroy

Pretty fucking awesome, it was the first time in 18 years that they played ...And Justice For All in full. It was so unexpected! Also the first time in 9 years they played Am I Evil in full.

Then i saw them again this year, they changed the usual set so it wouldn't be like last year's.

Creeping Death


Wherever I May Roam

Harvester Of Sorrow

Bleeding Me

King Nothing

No Remorse

Devil's Dance

Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Master Of Puppets

Damage, Inc.

Nothing Else Matters

Sad But True


Enter Sandman

Last Caress

So What

Seek and Destroy

All in all, two great nights! Although next time i see them, they better play Whiplash! :anger:

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I hope they play Broken, Beat and Scarred. Somehow I doubt they'll shoehorn it in, though. The Unforgiven 2 would be cool too; apparently they've only played it live once. My Friend of Misery, but I guess without Jason that'd be weird.

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Woot, got my tickets for Vancouver. DECEMBER 2ND BABY!!!!!

My first Metallica show -- a little late in the game, but it's better than never I reckon. One of my favorite bands only behind the likes of GNR.

Sold out in no time, too.

did it really sell out??

shit.... hahaha.... my friend came running up to me in the hallway like "DUDE! METALLICA ARE COMING TO VAN!"

he got pissed when i said "um.... so? ive known about this for like a week already... the new album was shit...."

yea, he'll be more pissed now tho... hahaha

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