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Cover of Better

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** I've had some requests for a download of my version. Since there is one gnr fan already in jail right now for distributing GNR material I'd rather not make it available for download. But

But if your really jonesin for my version. go to http://file2hd.com/Default.aspx?myspacemp3 and enter www.myspace.com/ashjonesmusic and christmas will come early. Shhhh I didn't tell you though

I did an acoustic cover of "better" check it out and let me know what you think


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Wow thanks guys... I wasn't sure if I'd get slaughtered on the forums for covering it. So thanks so much for the feedback.

I met Axl after the last night of the Hammerstein shows... we hung out behind the venue on the third night and over heard the tour manager tell someone where they might be going after the show but the people i was with decided to not go because it was too late.. so i went back to my hotel. The next morning I wake up and check my email... the girls I was with did go to the club and hung out with the band but told me they might go back to the same club the following night. So we stood outside the club (it was private and they wouldn't let us in) and then low and behold we see a familiar SUV show up a block down. We check it out and sure enough there was axl and the rest of the guys. So we just went into the club. Met Bumble, baz, and tommy. We left axl alone as we didn't want to annoy him but he was literally 5 feet away from me all night. I could hear all his conversations. Then the bouncer told the whole club where axl was going and he got PISSED. He said "this fucking club has been bullshit all night. Why the fuck is that asshole telling everyone where I'm going". Then he stormed out. NOt wanting to miss our chance we followed him out. He spent about 15 min talking to some chick and then started making a B line for the SUV. I thought "this is my last chance" so I just went up to him and said "hey axl would you mind grabbing a pic". He snapped out of his grouchy mood and was really sweet.

"sure, that would be cool"

Grabbed the photo, shook hands, thanked him for the 4 awesome shows, and said the new material was the best music I'd heard in 15 years. He was very gracious and nice.

I nearly shit my pants when I went to look at the photo and my camera was dead. It wasn't until I flew home and charged up the camera I knew for sure I actually got the photo. I was fucking surreal coming from a small city in canada to new york for the shows and then actually meeting axl my last night... fucking crazy, still can't believe it happened

Thanks for listening everyone

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Wow. Axl is such a sweetheart.

could you maybe leak us in on some of his jokes and conversations? we have been reduced to the level of pretending that whatever the hell Del James does is "GnR NEWS" ... Personally I couldn't care less for that useless hangaround fuck, no matter how close a friend he is to Axl. It would be way cooler to hear some of His musings and jokes from that night out, if you can remember. Did His masterplan of march 6th. 2007 already figure in on His thoughts? :rofl-lol:

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Holy shit guys You've got me blushing like a school boy. I really thought I'd get torn a new asshole here for 'killing the song'.

as for downloading... I don't want to do that because of the possibility of gnr management getting mad or something. But if your really jonesin for my version.

go to this site http://file2hd.com/Default.aspx?myspacemp3 and enter www.myspace.com/ashjonesmusic and you can rip it from myspace.

Shhh I didn't tell you though

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I like this one more than the original.

*Blush*... lets not get carried away now.

But I always thought that beneath the dirty guitars, nintendo sounding loops, shredding guitars, and computer fart noises that better was just a really fucking wikkid song... a songwriters song. Neil Young once said if you can't play the song with just an acoustic guitar and your voice it isn't a good song... I agree. Better is a great song.

So glad everyone is digging this

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