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John Frusciante


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I need to start hearing some of his stuff.

Red Hot Chili Peppers are right behind Guns N' Roses for me.

Check out shadows collide with people, its well produced and has some great songs on it, he really knows how to string some chords together..

I also love the will to death, dc ep and niandra lades which is raw as fuck as it was recorded on a tape 4 track, but some of the songs are really great. As the tracklisting on niandra is in chronological order of when the songs where recorded, you can slowly hear him get further into his drug abuse until the last half of the album which is intrumental, untitled and very nihlistic.

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I just read on another forum I use that he's going to release a new album the 20th of January. It's supposedly called Imperium (or The Imperium). Although I haven't seen this anywhere else so I'm not sure how true it is...Wikipedia has nothing and I can't seem to open his official site.

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Didn't he do like 6 albums, in 6 months, or something crazy like that?

Axl Rose, take note.

Yes, 6 in 6 months in 2004 :)

Who knows, we may get 2 in 30 years from Mr Rose... :rolleyes:

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Opinions on his new album? I haven't gotten around to listen to it yet, but will soon.

Song To The Siren, Heaven, Unreachable and After The Ending are the best tracks imo

He's certainly got out of the 'stoned man screaming' stage, and this album is the easiest one to 'get into' by far

They've got samples on amazon.com - don't know about youtube :)

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What's the best album to start off with?

Depends on whether you like the Chili's newer or older stuff

If you prefer the newer, start with The Empyrean, and work backwards, if not, I'd recommend Shadows Collide With People and Curtains :)

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Started to really listen to his stuff about a year ago. Love it. My favorite songs of his:

The Past Recedes

Leap Your Bar

Look On

Here, Air

A Firm Kick

An Exercise

I checked out Letur-Lefr and I was pretty disappointed. Way too out there for me.

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The My Smile is a Rifle riff is so brilliantly sad. I love the upbeat way he plays it here too.

Favorite songs:

The Slaughter

A Firm Kick

Leap Your Bar

Every Person





What I Saw

His voice is just beautiful.

Maybe the faster he gets all his weird shit like Letur Lefr out of his system, the faster he'll consider rejoining RHCP. Probably not though :(

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Guest Len B'stard

Love this guy, i think he's brilliant, a true hardcore bona fide artist that goes for the music and not for the money, i adore this fuckin' guy. I'd be a liar if i said i'd extensively heard his solo stuff but i've heard Niandra Lades and Usually Just a T Shirt and it's fuckin magnificent. I'm suprised anyone on here likes any of that though.

And what do you know, a child of punk, i think i see a pattern emerging :D Love his stuff with the Chilli Peppers and i'm forever like, youtubing solo's of his and shit, i think he's incredible...and an incredible guitar player.

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