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scott's new video

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I'm really looking forward to Scott's solo album. It sounds like he's finally found his "voice" so to speak. I mean he never seemed comfortable with VR's style of music. Not a diss on VR, but the two just didn't seem to mesh well.

Looks like Scott picked the wrong week to release his album, though. It's gonna get buried by Kanye West's new album and some new album from an older rock band that's supposed to be really anticipated or something.

I don't think Scott is aiming for a chart topper. That's why he's releasing this under his own indie-label.

But as far as the 3 albums that you have mentioned that are released that week, I'm buying the one that I think sounds the best. ;)

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I love Scott...but please, stay away from the country music.

I would say don't listen to the Man I Didin't Know then ...


oh don't worry.

i molested myself on a level 6, nearly on a level red terrorist attack while watching that video.

i neahly got's the Vapoh's watching Mistah Weiland on that Teliovision.

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