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Stone Gods(ex-The Darkness)


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For those of you that did like The Darkness, the remaining members have formed a new hard rock/metal band known as 'Stone Gods'.

They are without charismatic frontman Justin Hawkins, who departed in 2006. They are much more serious, heavier and are the band you have been waitng for...

Have supported Thin Lizzy, Velvet Revolver and are about to embark on a UK Tour with Airbourne- They have also had two of their own UK tours.

The line-up is:

Richie Edwards- Lead Vocals, Ryhtm Guitar

Dan Hawkins- Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals

Toby Macfarlaine- Bass, Backup Vocals

Robin Goodridge-Drums

Their debut album 'Silver Sppons n Broken Bones' was labelled by Classic Rock as 'one of the best Biritsh Rock albums of this decade'. The album was also rated very highly by Kerrang! and Metalhammer.

I urge you to check them out if you are looking for some fresh new rock.



There have been many fans with this band from the start, one of them being me. A few countries have their own fanbases etc, so if you give them a listen and like them, try and help us support them, because they are going to be huge.

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Guess this proves they're nothing without Justin, and he's nothing without them.

Well, he was The Darkness, but his brother is the driving force of Stone Gods, and they are gonna make it. Gigs with Airbourne, Thin Lizzy and Velvet Revolver, hmm quite a good effort for a band who has just launched.

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