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One step closer to completion...

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So last night, we went to Jimmy Kimmel live to see Scott Weiland and after the show, about 6 of us were waiting around and he came out and talked with us for a while and was taking pictures and signing things for all of us. With that being said, with VR, he wasn't as accessible and wouldn't stop quite as often as the other guys in the band would so I have had this for quite some time and finally got him to sign it, so now all I need is Duff on thee and it's complete...

7" single of Fall to Pieces with B-side, Surrender.


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Nice work - you lucky bastard living where you do to be in a position to get all these sig's!!

I'm a bit suprised Weiland stopped to sign stuff.

Yah usually, he doesn't do that stuff but I've noticed this past week, doing his solo stuff he seems much happier and much more friendly. He's more talkative on stage and everything as well. I think he likes it being HIS thing, instead of having everything being a band decision and what not, atleast that's how it seems.

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