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I found this new release dvd in HMV the other day and picked it up.

Wow...it's really damn good!

It's the concert they staged for the film makers who were producing The Kids Are Alright.

I've never seen the entire show before,not even on bootleg so this was a nice treat!

It's remastered too so it sounds amazing!

But the best part for me was the bonus disc...the Who live at the Coliseum 1969.

It's raw footage but holy SHIT is it ever amazing!

It outshines the Kilburn show for me...it's bloody intense.

The casual fan might not care for this release but big fans are going to really enjoy it.

Highly recommended!!

...it' still ok to like the Who around here...isn't it?? :huh:

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Kilburn 1977 (disc one)

I Can't Explain


Baba O' Riley

My Wife

Behind Blue Eyes

Dreaming From The Waist

Pinball Wizard

I'm Free

Tommy's Holiday Camp

Summertime Blues

Shakin' All Over

My Generation

Join Together

Who Are You

Won't Get Fooled Again


Coliseum 1969 (disc two)

Heaven and Hell

I Can't Explain

Fortune Teller


Young Man Blues ..(!!!)

A Quick One While He's Away

Happy Jack

I'm A Boy

There's A Doctor

Got To The Mirror

I'm Free

Tommy's Holiday Camp

See Me Feel Me

Summertime Blues

Shakin All Over

My Generation

And when you're done with that...click on extras:

You get the entire performance of A Quick One While He's Away,(including the introduction)

Oh and...the ENTIRE performance of Tommy...(21 songs!!)

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What DVD is it with an entire performance of Tommy on it, it's quite recent too?

It' part of the Kilburn '77 release.

It's a two disc set.

The second disc is all Coliseum 1969...and it has the entire Tommy performance.

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