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Musicians don’t want tunes used for torture

Gods Favourite

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Trent commented on this on his website:

12.11.08: Regarding NIN music used at Guantanamo Bay for torture

It's difficult for me to imagine anything more profoundly insulting, demeaning and enraging than discovering music you've put your heart and soul into creating has been used for purposes of torture.

If there are any legal options that can be realistically taken they will be aggressively pursued, with any potential monetary gains donated to human rights charities.

Thank GOD this country has appeared to side with reason and we can put the Bush administration's reign of power, greed, lawlessness and madness behind us.

Trent Reznor

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Fact - Ozzy was playing "Face Value" over and over when he made "Blizzard of Ozz". Sick drumming on "Trick of the Tail" and "Wind and Wuthering". He had some good songs up to the early 80s, and the shitty era was an integral part of "American Psycho".

I think some Phil Collins would make them admit to their crimes really rather quickly.

Despicable bald c%*t.

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