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First song / first album you listened to in 2009


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I was actually listening to the radio, they were counting down the top songs of 2008, but the first album I listened to in 2009 was Chinese Democracy, and I'm not just saying that because I'm on this board, I got it for Christmas, and haven't been able to stop listening!

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OP: what a great start to 2009. Can't go wrong with PJ. :)

For me it was (bizarrely for me, as well) some random drum n' bass shit at this live gig I was at. No idea what it was at the time (I was several red stripes and half a bottle of rum away) as I have no idea what drum n' bass even is.

I remember Jungle, and I think it's the same, but I dunno.

I wish it had been Radiohead - True Love Waits, so I could have cried myself happily into the New Year. :wub:

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