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The Idiot is a must for Bowie fans.

Ahhh, now you're fuckin talkin my language :):):) Iggy Stooge baby, all day everytime!!

On Topic: i'd be lying if i said i'd heard a lot of Bowie but i like what i've heard and i'd like to hear more :) not sure where to start though. Heard Starman and Jean Genie...they're really (how do i describe this?) sexy sounding? :lol: Genie more than Starman i mean.

Sounds like you are finally coming around...

Get your hands on any of the big '70s albums and you'll reach 180 degrees for sure.

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I read a great story about Bowie going to the US for the first time, found out the Velvet Underground was playing, went to talk to Lou Reed after the show....problem was Lou had left the band and he was talking to the replacement singer. Considering how little footage exists of them and not many photos were taken post-Warhol, I could see it being an easy mistake to make.

Of course, he wound up getting to know Lou. And Warhol.

I was raised on Bowie, so he will always have a place in my heart.

Same here.

He's the reason why Velvet Underground is namedropped in the first place. He saved Lou Reed from being his dad's gofer. "Transformer"? Listen to "Satellite of Love".... Bowie's vocals at the end take it into an awesome direction, plus playing the sax on "Walk on the Wild Side".

Let's not forget that without VU, Bowie wouldn't be anywhere either.

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