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OK, these 3 kids, from Orlando, FL have a rock group, the oldest is only 13, and even

though the're vocals are a little shallow, IMO, they sound pretty good! I think they have something going with Disney or something, check 'em out

Listen to Turn IT UP


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Stop plugging your kids' band.


Ha! That's gotta be it. I was wondering "why the fuck is he sharing this vid of these 3 little fags, there's no way he can be into that."


I'm afraid I can't claim them as mine, I simply think these kids sound pretty good, for being just kids, and wanted to share, probally didn't even listen, it's not anything like the Naked BROTHERS band, they have a pretty good rock sound, as I posted, maybe not the best of singing, but hey, JUST KIDS!!!!!!!!!!

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The baby eating machine of Disney must be hungry again. There should be any age limit to get into the music industry or something. Its a common fact that kids taste in music suck. I'd rather not listen to a 10 year old whining about how his Sunny D ran out.

this x a billion

pretty funny clip there, about New Kids On The Block...yea sure was

Please post when I decide to start a thread on them...thanks!

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