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AC/DC Earns $82 Million, Metallica Makes $56.4 Million From Ticket, Album Sales


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From Blabbermouth :

AC/DC Earns $82 Million, METALLICA Makes $56.4 Million From Ticket, Album Sales - Jan. 13, 2009

AC/DC is the only hard rock band to make the Los Angeles Times 2008 Ultimate Top 10, the newspaper s annual survey combining sales of concert tickets, albums and digital downloads to measure which acts were most popular with the broadest swath of music lovers. METALLICA came in at No. 14, an impressive feat considering that the band s latest album, Death Magnetic, and corresponding U.S. tour didnt arrive until this past fall.

Regarding AC/DCs combined income of $82 million, the Los Angeles Times writes, The new Black Ice album took the veteran Australian hard rock band back to the top of the charts and also made its concert tour one of the year s hot tickets. The band s Ultimate Top 10 tally was almost evenly divided, with $37.5 million coming at the concert box office and $44.5 million from album sales. Like KID ROCK, AC/DC doesnt do digital tracks. Average ticket price: $99.73.

Los Angeles Times 2008 Ultimate Top 20:

01. MADONNA ($120.1 million)

02. CELINE DION ($106.8 million)

03. KENNY CHESNEY ($95.7 million)

04. EAGLES ($90.7 million)

05. AC/DC ($82 million)

06. COLDPLAY ($81.6 million)

07. BON JOVI ($81.4 million)


09. JONAS BROTHERS ($77.9 million)

10. RASCAL FLATTS ($77.1 million)

11. NEIL DIAMOND ($70.5 million)

12. TAYLOR SWIFT ($62.2 million)

13. MICHAEL BUBLÉ ($59.5 million)

14. METALLICA ($56.4 million)

15. CARRIE UNDERWOOD ($54.9 million)

16. DAVE MATTHEWS BAND ($51.6 million)

17. THE POLICE ($51 million)

18. LIL WAYNE ($50.8 million)

19. TOM PETTY ($50.5 million)

20. KID ROCK ($50. 2 million)

Sources: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/la-et...0,7499971.story


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wat no gnr?

Can't say I'm surprised - we need a tour!

We need Izzy Slash Duff Axl and Steven :(

Can't argue with that :)

Yes we can, easily.

You could but I think you would admit, without those five, GNR isn't getting anywhere near the top tours.

+1 :D

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