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GnR Chinese Democracy & Better Rare PROMO CDs w/ Picture Sleeves listed!


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The "Better" one looks fake.

Definitely official, as is the Australian one while we're on the subject. And also while we're on the subject - even if it was fake/bootleg, it doesn't mean that people would not want it. I would say that half the GNR boxsets out there are fake. The Live Like A Suicide 3" cd is fake. Yet these items consistently fetch high prices on eBay.

There is no value in buying something that no one wants no matter how rare it is. I am certain this is a poor investment. Best wishes...

In this case, it's not about investing, it's about collecting. Although I do agree that some people collect with hopes of selling at a later date for a profit. And I do agree that this item would be a bad investment IF that were the case. I thought we made this clear months ago in another post.

Advertise somewhere else loser

I'm guessing you wrote that since this was initially posted in the main section of the forum. Even so, completely and utterly uncalled for, asshole.

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Troccoli - so that Aussie one was legit was it? I saw that auction and wondered about that.
Troccoli, is this the one that you spent like $100 on or something?

Yeah, the Aussie one cost a bit of money. There was another one that sold recently too for quite a bit. There's an info sticker on back with phone numbers for the record company. I called - 100% legit.

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